I’m Cameron Norman. I am a professional evaluator, educator and designer and President of Cense Ltd. My work is focused on helping organizations to learn, grow, and develop using design-driven evaluation (DDE).

Design-driven evaluation isn’t a technique or method, but a means of strategic learning and development that connects the…

Persistence: Repetition Through Learning

True innovation comes from doing something well, consistently. Consistency only comes from persistence. While not as easy to package, sell, and tell compelling stories about, there is much potential in persistence.

Before we get to persistence — let’s first talk about its close (and much more popular) cousin: grit. Grit…

“Changing times” demands we consider both words change and time if we want to understand systems that hold both for us.

It’s fair to say you’ve probably we’ve never seen more transformation of everyday life on a global level than you have with what’s come with the COVID-19 pandemic. On…

The global pandemic has provided us with another lesson in systems thinking: the role of complexity.

A well-known proverb states that the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago and the second-best time is today.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has upended so much of what was normal…

‘Unprecedented’ is a term that is changing how we understand complexity and foresight and what we need to do to act wisely in the world.

One thing that often makes complex situations live up to their name is that there is so much going on at once in different directions…

Cameron Norman

Designer, evaluator, educator, & psychologist supporting people in making positive change, by design. Principal @censeltd @censeacademy

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